A particularly innovative and creative approach plus open and productive communication while giving online marketing advice to the enterprises. Attila as problem-solver confidently communicates to the company’s management.

Attila serves businesses with complex online marketing campaigns (typically WordPress website content, blogs, SEO, AdWords, FB, LinkedIn, MailChimp and Analytics tools) whereas achieves cost-effective sudden increase in their conversion objectives. These campaigns are of an average of 30 – 150kHUF-cost monthly. He is proud of his online marketing consultancy projects resulting substantial and significant increase in ROI.

Who are my clients?

Typically, firms, businesses are asking for online marketing consultancy, who have a small marketing team, dealing with a wide range of online activities in a wide variety of channels, but the results are not coming, or can not be exactly measured and presented for the management.

A typical situation is used to be when at the management meeting, or in front of the owner the marketing team leader can not exactly quantify online marketing results and income may have been generated against marketing costs.

Another typical situation where my help is sought – because measuring the activity is not being done – they do not know which online activities should be carried out and which one should be rather given up.

The third most common case in which the online marketing team use some online tools, but their use and application areas they are not fully aware of; they bear no more than just a superficial knowledge. When they recognize this and invite me; I used to provide mini online marketing training courses to help (for example Google AdWords basics, Analytics, Facebook ad management basics, SEO – search engine optimization, content marketing basics).

Marketing plan (4W template)

Business goal, Target group(s), Messages and Tools. By conducting this survey the Company will review their desired presence in the online world – what and whom they would message and spread and what are the most relevant and effective tools to achieve business goals. During this session the Company should also check the connection between online and traditional marketing tools and promotion activities. Please be prepared first to introduce and explain the above, i.e. what you have been running (even if I may have developed an opinion prior to the session already). Planned timeframe: 2 hours.

Social Media Strategy

6 steps development from the basics to SWOT analysis in order to prepare a well-established activity plan to make day-by-day work easier and systematic and to only spend marketing budget where it is generating profit.  Planned timeframe: 2 hours.

(Re-)launching selected campaigns and channels

by writing down a yearly action plan, conversion goals and their measurement methods and targets. We will check availability of internal and external resources as well as create an action plan timing. Planned timeframe: 2-3 hours.

Harmonizing and integrating

launched online marketing activities into one system. Reviewing action plan and achieved figures against set goals on a monthly basis in order to maintain a cost-effective and focused activity. We will repeatedly calculate return on investment, make decisions on channel priorities and adjust plan according to experience. Planned timeframe: monthly 2 hours, 3 months.

My role: Probing and inspiring you, moderating the conversation and advising on up-to-date or future trends, best practices, and new ideas. Supporting you in making the right decision in selecting most effective channels and activities.

Download documentation of a finished consultancy project:

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